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.Take a look at the rushes from our Day of Dance - April 26th 2003

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We dance at various venues throughout the year (see our programme), performing a number of styles of Morris appropriate to the season and venue. In the spring and summer, we perform Morris in the style of the southern midlands of England, often referred to as "Cotswold" Morris.  
Cliff Marchant & Jim Killner
At suitable venues we dance the Northwest tradition, a more regimented style of dances from Cheshire and Lancashire, danced in clogs. Around Christmas we perform dances from the Welsh borders and also mummers plays based on those collected in Hampshire.
King John's Morris Men are members of the
Morris Ring, an international association of Men's Morris Clubs.


The Morris Ring - Founded 1934

Although King John's Morris Men were formed in 1975, we are heirs to a tradition which is undoubtedly ancient, but has obscure origins. What is certain is that there have been many influences on it and that it is still slowly developing and changing.Some of the earliest references to the Morris appear in the 16th Century, when it was acknowledged to be an old custom, and there is an enigmatic reference in the Southampton Mayor's accounts on 1st May 1562 to "... so miche gyven to the singers, players and morris dannsers on Maye daye - 3s 4d"

King John's Morris Men take their name from the eponymous monarch, who, in 1199 granted two charters to Southampton, which provided the basis for the town's subsequent development. We thought he had had a bad press and needed rehabilitating. On second thoughts, were we the people to do it?


Find out more about Southampton
Photographs of our recent events.
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Our French friends Les Muchus du Havre
For more information on Mummers plays see the English Folk Play Research Home Page


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